Youth Monitor

Youth Monitor is the first marketing youth-dedicated social and consumer research platform in Romania allowing brands to understand and be connected with youngsters. 


Youth Monitor works as a social and marketing observer for the business environment, and tries to respond to awareness or statistical needs or suggest relevant topics tackled on from various angles, by integrating pertinent, informed opinions of various professionals (sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, teachers, doctors, etc.), business practitioners (marketing and market research people) or other stakeholders of the youth category (teachers, parents, etc.).


“In 2003 I was convincing the Mobifon management team of the need to build a platform for young people, an umbrella to bring together several communication benefits, a station for connection with and education about technology. One year later we were launching Connex Campus . For 7 years since then I continued to work on several projects oriented on this segment, in various industries. And for the story to go on, I hope that Youth Monitor will not merely remain the best research instrument in Romania dedicated to young people, but make an essential contribution to a business culture for the young people, for whom reading our deliverables and approaches would be a reliable friend.” Radu Bogdan- Manging Partner Brennan R&C


Youth Monitor is a private initiative of Brennan Research & Consultants in partnership with Quantix Marketing Consulting.