Litteris et virtuti. Education through the eyes of youth (2012)

Litteris et Virtuti is a Youth Monitor initiative that aims to identify and monitor relevant aspects concerning the education of youth, in a sound and objective manner.

Education through the eyes of youth (2012) is the first deliverable under the Litteris et Virtuti brand. It is centered upon a quantitative study based on a statistic survey and the data and interpretation are improved by specific in-office research.

The subjects approached include: the perception of youth related to the education process, the schools they are in, opinions and attitudes concerning the subjects of study, schoolmates, the connection between the curricula and their planned future occupations, volunteering, internship, etc.

Who is this study intended for?

Considering its relevance for society, we believe that the research published in the Litteris et Virtuti calendar will be of major interest for:
• Government, public decision makers in the fields of education, youth, employment.
• Nongovernmental organization focusing on education and youth, student or teacher organizations.
• Romanian and international private companies which may be interested in this subject from various perspectives. We would like to mention, in this respect, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) component, as well as the human resources (employment, volunteering, internship, etc.)
• Romanian youth, who will find here factual information regarding the evaluation of the education system.
• Teachers and all the employees in the system who are interested in better understanding their professional environment. Litteris et Virtuti is part of the Youth Monitor platform and, as a consequence, is equally dynamic and energetic. This work is our first initiative.

The project agenda of Litteris et Virtuti will soon include other works to round out the complex picture of the educational system in Romania with new perspectives. Furthermore, we will monitor the progress of certain indicators, in order to provide an evolutionary dimension to all those concerned.

We hope that the recurring measurements that we will provide through this project and the analyses and conclusions produced will assist and support the decision-making process in this particularly important sector.

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Young in Romania. Urban Marketing Profile (2012)

This is the first research project of a larger platform- YOUTH MONITOR, powered by Brennan Research & Consultants and Quantix Marketing Consulting.

The research report is representative on teen population of 14-21 years in urban areas, a specific set of relevant information, thought to guide and inspire marketers in decisions that relate to young segment, from the products and services to programs that benefit both to them and companies that manage products and brands relevant now or in future for the youth.

The study covers both general aspects - demographic, values, lifestyle, online behavior, models of success - and details the level of categories - food, personal care, sports, music, fashion, telecom services, the banking or tourism. There are also prospects far less explored, and in the social networking, consumer profiling, positioning towards people in general and family friends, etc. that help to complete the current image of young people in Romania.

Research suggests a segmentation by value, in eight distinct profiles of adolescents, data analysis can be pursued in parallel to detect similarities and differences between them by gender, area of ​​residence, place of residence, education, age and income monthly, and habits in several categories.

The scientific approach to achieve this study had an important contribution to Professor Vintila Mihailescu, Head of Sociology Department of Political Science Faculty SNSPA. It proved to be an important contributor to a deeper understanding of young segment of the population, and in the process of setting research objectives for a more extensive and accurate perspective on urban profile of young people in Romania.

Young in Romania. Urban Marketing Profile was conducted in three stages, during May-November 2011, on a sample of 900 respondents representative of the population 14-21 years in urban areas. Qualitative phase was conducted in the period May to July 2011 and was preceded by preparatory phase (research office, and discussions with the project team and marketing people from different organizations).

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CSR Insider 2011


With a view to feeling the pulse of this recently emerged field in Romania, Ogilvy and Brennan Research & Consultants together initiated the CSR Insider study. The research included different respondents: opinion builders, PR and CSR specialists and ordinary citizens (the general public).

CSR Insider assessed how social responsibility manifests in Romania, what its place is in the Romanian mindset, what actions businesses have taken by now, and what the perspectives of CSR are.

This is a white paper as our contribution to development of the Romanian society. 
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2009 Woman as Target- what is relevant now

“The woman as a target: what is relevant now” is a research study carried out by Brennan Research & Consultants and SMARK, the community of Romanian marketing professionals, in 2009. The goal of this study was to reach a better understanding of the Romanian female target for an obvious reason: women are the main target group for countless categories of products.

Combining a general approach with a speci­fic, in-depth analysis of the female target, this study aims to divide the female population from urban areas into homogeneous segments and carefully investigates a series of particular aspects concerning the way women relate to certain industries, exploring some topics little covered by the local research studies: values, people and relationships, reaction to economic crisis, health, online behavior, food, interior design, etc.
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