Social Media Monitor

Get business insights and brand sentiment from social media conversations. We are the first research agency in Romania to filter out local language dialogue on digital medium and develop relevant metrics & tracking methods.


“SELLING AND TELLING is defunct; gone forever. With the increase of consumer generated media, consumers are showing a greater need for making connections with other people and brands.”

– Global Marketing Officer, P&G


How Does Social Media Monitoring Work?

We use one of the most advanced outsourced technologies to monitor brands and sectors. We start from their capabilities to filter out conversation and work with each brand to define and develop metrics for:

  • marketing & sales
  • media & analytics
  • consumer insights
  • market information
  • customer care
  • corporate communication & PR


What Does Social Media Monitoring Deliver?

  • Get real time mentions from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news sites and other social services
  • Easily pinpoint influencers, leads or customer service issues
  • Filter mentions by Sentiment, Language, Location or Followers in seconds
  • Analytics & Dashboards
  • Customized Metrics


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