SMS Monitor

SMS Monitor is SMS Survey type of service, a very accessible channel for quantitative measurements that comes with a number of quite significant advantages.

  • It can reach a very large number of respondents at the same time in the day.
  • Respondents can be selected according to different criteria: gender, age, urban/rural environment, etc.
  • The channel can collect a large number of answers in a short time, for lower costs than when using other, traditional research methods.
  • The list of questions displayed is dynamic and takes into account the answer received to previous questions, so that separate profiles can be set up for specific users.
  • It is recommended to keep the number of questions down to maximum 6 questions per study.
  • The universe of respondents is limited to the users who expressed their agreement to participate towards their telecom operator.


Brennan Research & Consultants has experimented with this channel in several pilot studies, in parallel with research using traditional channels, in order to test any potential representativeness deviations.

Demonstratively, we conducted an SMS survey with Vodafone Romania on 2010, June 26th , regarding the preferences and interest of Romanian respondents for the World Soccer Championship, the Africa 2010 edition, using the new instrument, as part of AdPlus, Vodafone Romania’s mobile advertising portfolio.


„SMS market research is the most efficient quantitative survey method at the moment; costs start from just a few hundreds of euros, while implementation, data collection and analysis may take somewhere between few hours to 3-4 days at the most. Research of this type needs to be sized correctly according to the channel used (SMS): short sets of questions, compact questionnaires, general topics”, Radu Bogdan, Managing Partner Brennan Research & Consultants.