Ad Hoc Research

What we understand by ad hoc services is any market or consumer research that starts from a business and market context at a given point and needs its own design and approach destiny.



We believe in customisation of solutions, with compliance to sociological or statistical requirements, and are inspired by classic marketing frameworks and new trends in business analysis. We definitely believe that best practice can transcend industries and we do not hesitate to suggest such transfer of value, in the fields where we accumulate experience and results.




We cover both qualitative and quantitative methodologies into a wide range of market or consumer research topics. Illustrated below is trying to bring in all major generic types of projects based on the life cycle of a product, service or brand.

Main research activities over the product & brand lifecycle

Consumer Insights
Although we all learn the same alphabet, we write differently
In order to develop new products or processes firms need to complement the relevant parts of their own knowledge base with knowledge residing elsewhere.

Consumers constitute a stock of tangible (experience and skills) or intangible knowledge (cognitive & emotional) gained through the process of consumption or by influence. Knowledge comprised by consumers is complementary to producer’s knowledge and represents a – not often released - potential for innovation in product design, positioning & communication.

We think that taking advantage of consumer knowledge revolves around coordination of consumer stages, from prospecting individuals to clients & customers. We usually frame into this section topics related to needs, motivations, beliefs & cultural aspects that drive consumers’ choices for specific products, services or categories beyond teasing and then bonding with brands. Under these topics, insights come from processing consumers’ meanings through in depth exploration and analysis.
Customer & Brand Experience
It is all about togethership or togethersplit
Experience is related to customer and/or end user status. Once your product and brand becomes part of consumer choice or mind, experience will drive customers’ being to further decisions that will affect future in togethership or togethersplit. To create a superior customer experience requires understanding the customer's point of view. Here we come.

We think that one of the key features of successful customer experience is the ability to manage multi-channel interactions: cross-channel (contact center, Internet, self service, mobile devices, stores), cross-touchpoint (phone, chat, email, Web, in-person), and cross-lifecycle (ordering, fulfilment, billing, support, etc.).
Value Creation
Taking the research tools and breaking the rules
Creating marketing value is often associated with creating competitive advantage & differentiation in a sustainable manner for the brand and company. Therefore, research based value creation is commonly focused on identifying and creating sources of competitive advantage.

Although we strongly believe in consumer centric model, delivering a leap in customer value usually requires a market driving orientation and consumer research can not always discover the next wow. However, researches as conjoint, new value propositions or new concept testing may bring some light into your decision agenda.
Strategic Research
You cannot be lost with strategy
Regardless the ranges of marketing strategies that companies may have, there are some fundamental researches that should lead organizations’ efforts in targeting & sustainable growth. Therefore, we understand market segmentation and business model innovation as two important pillars which can not be missed from your research agenda each time the context is imposing.

Market segmentation has been often debated by marketing specialists in terms of forms and criteria. However, nobody can live without it and was proved to make significant savings to both marketing and research budgets. Better than worse.
Business to Business Research
Is about excellence
B2B researches are rather sophisticated than most difficult consumer approaches. That is merely due to the time consuming efforts in reaching big volumes of target audience and to more complexity of such services. But since the business weight is driving higher profits in most of the companies where such segments are relevant, research is a strategic action that should walk you step by step.

We have been challenged with niche targets, from private jets users, key opinion leaders, business leaders, top management to SOHO representatives and professionals.
CSR & Sustainability
To make a better world & more with less
In today’s world, the goal of any business is not just about making money and profits anymore. The rise of Corporate Social Responsibility is having its fundamentals in a readjusted mission claimed by more and more companies, to make a better world. Thus, companies become (corporate) citizens, with power, resources and influence to help this dream come true.

Brennan Research & Consultants has been experiencing multiple dialogues and collaborations on CSR related researches in the recent several years in Romania. In the beginnings, companies have been focused on defining CSR propositions, validating their CSR positioning, merging with relevant stakeholders’ believes and make tactic adjustments throughout the running programs. Since sustainability is moving into mainstream within the corporations’ concerns and practices, companies rather seek for research interest in measuring the impact both externally (society, stakeholders) and internally (business KPI, brand KPI, etc.).

In today’s practice, sustainability is mostly applied as the management of issues related to the environment (greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, waste management, green-product development, and water conservation) but especially emerging markets are about to come with a wider range of directions, due to many gaps that societies need to fill in. Romania will not miss this as well.